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Roundcorner 'Frames, Pics & Other Stories' - Cd

Valentina Valeri & Band 'Undreamed' - Cd

2Hurt 'On Bended Knee - Cd Digipack

2Hurt Lp 'On Bended Knee' - 180 gr Vinyl Limited Edition 'Delivered Only Europe'

Van Christian 'Party Of One' - CD

2Hurt Live@Init - Dvd

2Hurt 'Mexico City Blues' - Cd Digipack


Chocolate Key 'Hibrido' - Mp3

Chocolate Key 'Hibrido' Ep

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Valentina Valeri 'Hanging Fire'

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Stefan Saffer 'This Is Not A Dark Ride'

                                              Cactus Rock Records 

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Kartoons 'World Gone Down' - Cd

Francesco Ficco: vocals, guitar
Giovanni Bellucci: lead guitar, back vocals
Maurizio Savaglio: Bass, back vocals
Victor Micieli: drums

S.U.F.I. 'L'inganno - Mp3

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Claudia Mc Dowell & Revox 'Never Get Old' - Cd

Fasten Belt 'No Escape From Acid Hysteria Remastered' - 2 CD-SET

Disc 1 No Escape From Acid Hysteria Remastered Plus 6 Bonus Tracks

Disc 2 Ten Songs Live, 1987-1989.

Filippo Nigro 'Poeti In Canzone' - Cd